The Leather Dress

There’s no doubt that leather is cool, it’s the rock ‘n’ roll queen of fabrics. Which also means it can be difficult to wear for those of us not headlining the Rickshaw Stop on a Friday night. However, leather done right can be quite delicate and feminine.  This can be accomplished with a darling leather dress.

It’s about pairing the leather dress with soft fabrics and hues.  A finespun sweater in blush, combined with layers of pearls on your wrists and neck, will provide great contrast between the soft fabric of the sweater and the lustrous shine of the pearls and leather dress

The High Waist Skirt

If you’re my age or older (30+), you probably remember the high-waisted fashion of the nineties. Yes, bottoms were high-waisted, tops were cropped and if they weren’t you had to tuck them in to your pants or skirt.  However, it’s been a while since anyone has tucked a top into a bottom. In fact, there is probably an entire generation of girls out there who have never tucked a shirt in their lives because pants and skirts have been low-slung for so long.  Additionally, women of a certain age tend to hate tucking.  Keeping a shirt untucked is like a little defense system against a belly.   Untucking a top can hide a multitude of sins.

What does one wear with a high-waisted pencil skirt?

#1- Well first, get ready to tuck again.

Yes, a high-waisted pencil skirt, especially one that has a lot of details around the waistband, look best when a top is tucked into the skirt.  If tucking makes you uncomfortable, choose high-waisted pencil skirt without a lot of activity around the waistband.  Then choose a top that has shape.

#2- Shape is important

When choosing a top to wear with a high-waisted pencil skirt, avoid anything too big and baggy or that has no waist definition.

#3- If you have a large chest, avoid high-waisted pencil skirts that sit too high on the waist.

The reason is because the more you shorten your torso with something too high-waisted, the larger your bust will appear.  To avoid looking like someone with just boobs and a waist without a mid-section, either choose high-waisted pencil skirts that sit lower, or shaped tops that you don’t tuck and can be worn without having to be tucked in.

The Romper

A romper is one of the easiest things you can possibly wear during Summer. It’s one-piece, non-fussy and incredibly comfy during warm weather. Rompers are everywhere this summer, in a wide variety of styles, necklines, sleeve-types and fabrics.  If you haven’t tried a romper ever, this is the season to do so!

A styling tip for rompers :: often {though not always} the gathered waist around a romper looks too blousy and doesn’t define a woman’s shape well. If the size of your waist is something you like to highlight and flatter, simply add a belt. Both skinny and wide belts look great wrapped around rompers, and have the ability to completely transform the overall look!